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Before anyone says anything, yes I am aware of the boycott. I am boycotting it. I think it is silly. I refer you to thermopylae_h's mos recent post, and the entry she linked in it. Pretty much explains my thoughts on the matter.

So I am posting the utterly cracked drawing I finished last night for sasori_katana. It is a picture of Jyabura, Marco and the children that maldoror_gw created for Jyabura. sasori_katana named them all. In this picture (from left to right) you see: Adolpha, Jyabura, Lupita, Marco, Weylyn and Ulrica.

Never before has one picture ever contained so much crack.

Well there we are, friend's list! It's not very good quality because it's done in pencil and has been rubbed out and altered many, many times. (Marco is hard to draw, as are small children). Should I post this terrible piece of crack anywhere else? And what do people think I should draw next. I'm in a drawing mood! =D

Birthday Present Fanart

 Happy Birthday

emeraldlarunya     !! I beg your forgiveness 1000 times that this was not finished in time on Friday for me to get to a scanner in time to upload it for your birthday, and I beg forgiveness 53 times more that it was not scanned in time to show it to you while we were both online this evening. 

Link to photobucket because I've never used it before and I can't work out how to get it to embed the picture x_x

I remember you saying in the Christmas fandom meme that you wanted fic of a scene like this. Well here is a picture instead ^_^ It's not very good at the moment, as I do not have access to a photoediting package here and it is deliberately left as a line drawing, because I am intending to colour it as soon as get home to the new crayons I got for Christmas and forgot to bring with me. And then I will give you the hard copy when I next see you =D


 ...I have absolutely no idea what any of them are saying to each other in the pic, by the way. Suggestions?


Except I don't.

This was written in the train and took about ten minutes to type up, so I figure it isn't threatening my final mark that much. It is actually a follow up to Meet the Parents which I wrote many moons ago for onepieceyaoi100in which Hattori had a girlfriend. Well, I brought her back. With a name this time. I thank emeraldlarunya for the plot bunny. ^_^
Title: Paternity Leave
Topic: Kids.
Pairing: Lucci/Kaku (it's in there OK? Shut up.)
Rating: G
Word count: 203
Warnings: obviously Water 7/Enies Lobby spoilers. One piece not mine, etc etc.

cross-posted to onepieceyaoi

Zosopp Winter Exchange Fic

 It never fails to amaze me how much more prolific I am with fics when I have something else I ought to be doing... ie, the dreaded German Year Abroad Essay. Also I cannot believe I wrote such explicit boysex. XD I would not have done so had it not been requested, but I am rather pleasantly surprised that it didn't suck as badly as I thought it would.

Recipient:  [info]sherrymarie
Request: Holiday Spirits! (the liquid kind, not the Charles Dickens variety) And snow!
Rating: SMUT. Smutty smut smut! (As worded in the request).
Warnings/Spoilers: Only spoilers if you haven't read past Alabasta and if then. hardly any.
Additional Notes: I hope the smut is... smutty enough. And technically, it's mulled wine not spirits but I'm counting it because I put brandy in mine XD
I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to: [info]sherrymarie because it's late and I feel like it's not very good. To my German professor who thinks I'm a good student, and to my mother who is still nursing the hope that I will graduate with a 1:1 XD

crossposted (yesterday) to zosopp

Oh Em Ef Gee... Frankie wrote a fic =O

I absolutely swore to myself that I was banned from posting on LJ until I had another piece of KumadorixFujiko fic that I liked enough to post. But this LuccixKaku plotbunny bit me while I was on the train home, so I decided to submit it to the onepieceyaoi100 challenge.

Topic/Title: Just say No
Rating: G/PG-ish
Word Count: 293
Pairing: LuccixKaku

PS - I am working on my gigantic Kumadori cracfic, I promise (assumin anybody actually still cares enough to want to read it!) But University and Christmas got in the way a bit ¬¬

Part Three of Crack

Oh god, this bit took ages to write!! Kumadori is an exhausting character to write for extended periods of time x_x Well this is it for now. This fic is slowly taking over my brain so I will probably write more even if no one else likes it XD

Warning!! Massive crack dump!!

Well, here it is... the long awaited (?) CP9 post-Enies Lobby crackfic, mostly dealing with the mysterious young woman known as "Kumadori's girlfriend" or sometimes simply "the Librarian". I must warn anyone foolish enough to read it, that it also contains (or will probably contain) nearly all the crack-filled ideas emeraldlarunya and myself have had related to CP9, hence why it is ridiculously long. Seriously. It's already 6503 words and it's only just begun D=. Also, I have edited it so much and started at it for so long that I really have no idea if it's good anymore. So for now I am only posting it here, though I realise that that probably means only emeraldlarunyaand sasori_katanawill read it for now. I take no (wel OK, maybe a little bit) responsibility for the craziness herein... It's not my fault, it wrote itself, I swear!!!

Anyway, onward to the first installment...

By the way...

sasori_katana, I know I said you could come to Berlin and injure me if I didn't post this yesterday but please don't go to the trouble!! I've been doing a pretty good job of it myself these past few days, I fell down the steps at the station on Wednesday and yesterday I knocked over a candle in Jemal's cafe XD I shouldn't be allowed out on my own!


Well, here it finally is: a HinaxTashigi drabble written in response to the prompt "line of resistance" from

sasori_katana that she gave me over a month ago x_x. I had some good reasons for not having time to respond just at first, such as: exams, farewell parties for friends going back to Japan, moving house, starting job... but that was all several weeks ago D= and as for further excuses... is chronic laziness and a lack of trust in my own writing abilities an excuse? No it most certainly is not x_x.

So anyway, here it is:

Title: Line of Resistance
Rating: PG 13 (for Smoker's swearing)
Word Count: 1,361
Warnings/Spoilers: None I can think of.

It's a little bit angsty, because I've always wanted to address something that I've noticed about nearly all fanwork that I've seen about gay memebers of the Marines: it seems to be taken for granted that they can just happily go about being gay without any thought for potential consequences. I've always thought that this could not be the case under the One Piece World Government, especially when you consider that it so sadly is not true for gay people in so many real countries.


Spam #5

This was for the onepieceyaoi100 topic "Pet". It was the third drabble I posted in May. Yup. I was on a role in May.