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Warning!! Massive crack dump!!

Well, here it is... the long awaited (?) CP9 post-Enies Lobby crackfic, mostly dealing with the mysterious young woman known as "Kumadori's girlfriend" or sometimes simply "the Librarian". I must warn anyone foolish enough to read it, that it also contains (or will probably contain) nearly all the crack-filled ideas emeraldlarunya and myself have had related to CP9, hence why it is ridiculously long. Seriously. It's already 6503 words and it's only just begun D=. Also, I have edited it so much and started at it for so long that I really have no idea if it's good anymore. So for now I am only posting it here, though I realise that that probably means only emeraldlarunyaand sasori_katanawill read it for now. I take no (wel OK, maybe a little bit) responsibility for the craziness herein... It's not my fault, it wrote itself, I swear!!!

Anyway, onward to the first installment...

Fujiko Akiyama had been working in the library at Enies Lobby for nearly two years. She was a model librarian: quiet, neat and methodical, she delighted in putting things in order and was as familiar with the complex referencing system as with her alphabet. No matter how obscure the subject a government agent was researching, and no matter how vague an outline they left of the information needed, Fujiko could disappear into the labyrinth of shelves, locate exactly the right book or journal, and have it in their office within an hour of receiving the message.
Not that she pretended to understand the significance of any of the subjects she was asked to help research. Like most low-ranking and non-military government workers, Fujiko trusted absolutely that the Marines and the Cipher Pol agents conducted themselves in the most just and ethical way possible and her job was to keep their books in order and let them get on with it. Besides, it is always preferable for a civilian not to remember too often that she is part of an organisation whose main purpose is the killing of other human beings; no matter how much these deaths are believed to be for the greater good of humanity.
Fujiko had not been attracted to working at Enies Lobby because she thought a job that required you to sign the Official Secrets Act was glamorous or exciting, like some of her friends had. Her father had a mind numbingly boring civil service job on Mariejoie, and her mother had done as well until her marriage, so Fujiko had known all her life that secret government work could be as dull as any other job. What had really attracted Fujiko to the Enies Lobby library was the literature section. It was reputed to have the largest, and finest, poetry collection in the world. Why the government had decided to collect every volume of rare and priceless poetry it could lay its hands on at Enies Lobby, of all places, was anybody’s guess, but Fujiko never thought to question it. It was enough that it was there, and that she could read any of it whenever she pleased. Fujiko loved poetry. Loved it with more passion than anyone who knew her would ever believe her placid little form could contain. She read it in her lunch hour, scribbled haikus on the edges of people’s request forms during her tea breaks, sat for hours reading it after work; if she was not talking, it was a fair guess that she was thinking up rhyme schemes in her head, and she occasionally even dreamed in verse at night.
There were not many at Enies Lobby who felt the same way as Fujiko; it was not often that she or any of her colleagues were asked to search for a volume of poetry. A few of the more popular and famous works were kept in fairly regular circulation, and there was a slight increase in demand for love poems around Valentine’s Day, but mostly Fujiko had her poetry to herself and she eventually came to realise that most of the government workers were fairly prosaic in their reading habits; if they read for pleasure at all, they tended to gravitate towards pulp fiction and manga.
There was one very notable exception to this rule. He was a member of that highest and most exulted Cipher Pol group, CP9, the one everyone else was supposed to pretend they didn’t know about. Fujiko had known he was different ever since she had arrived at work one Monday morning to find, on top of the in-tray, a request for a rare work by her own favourite poet that was handwritten in the most exquisite calligraphy she had ever seen.
Fujiko was very accomplished at analysing calligraphy. Some of the most valuable works in the library were original manuscripts, hand painted onto rice paper scrolls. These were Fujiko’s favourites. She felt that she was really looking into the poet’s soul when she read his work written in his own calligraphy. Her grandmother had taught her how to read a person’s soul from their handwriting when she was a little girl. She had carried on studying this art of her own accord after her grandmother’s death and her skill was now considerable. If she had ever thought to demonstrate it to anyone in Cipher Pol she would no doubt have been immediately taken on as an agent. But the idea had not occurred to her when she applied for the job, and it did not occur to her as she sat at her desk reading the request form. She located and despatched the desired volume to him as quickly as possible, then carefully tucked the request form into the pocket of her cardigan; a treat to be savoured when she was on her own.
Lying in bed that night poring over it, Fujiko noticed that, while the length of his upright strokes showed an outward flamboyance, the shape of his shorter strokes showed a poorly hidden and endearing vulnerability. These were the characters of a just, honourable and fiercely loyal man who would never go back on his word. He was a warrior and he was very strong, but she didn’t need his calligraphy to tell her that. What surprised her was the deep sadness and the great capacity for love she saw hidden behind these other qualities. He was obviously a very complex person. He was refined, he was intellectual, he could be very gentle if he chose and he had a great appreciation of beauty.
His name was Kumadori and Fujiko had fallen desperately and hopelessly in love with him.
*             *             *
Most of the civilian staff of Enies Lobby had been sent off the island on various pretexts several days before the Buster Call. The entire contents of the Enies Lobby library were sent to Mariejoie for “archiving”; so it seemed fairly natural to send the library staff with them. A lot of the girls Fujiko worked with were annoyed about this – it was common knowledge that Rob Lucci would be returning to Enies Lobby and many of Fujiko’s friends had hoped to get a chance to at least look at him. A lot of them were too young to have ever seen him before he left five years ago but still; he was supposed to be very handsome. A couple of the girls who did remember him claimed to be in love with him, and spent several consecutive lunch times expanding on his merits to their colleagues – his good looks, his devoted service to justice, his strength… Fujiko stared out of the window not really listening when Lucci became the topic for conversation. Good looks meant very little to her, she knew that no one could be more devoted to justice than her Kumadori and if Lucci was stronger than him that was just an accident of fate. He had returned to Enies Lobby the same day as Rob Lucci. Fujiko had been very disappointed to be in Mariejoie; she would have been working on the admissions desk that week and he generally came to take out books within a few days of returning from a mission. There would have been a very strong chance that she might have got to speak to him. She did not tell any of her friends of her disappointment; she had never told anyone about her feelings for Kumadori. She didn’t think anyone would understand, and besides, she couldn’t imagine giggling over him the way her friends giggled over men. So she just quietly got on with her work and hoped that she would be returned to Enies Lobby before he was sent away again.
She was eating in one of the canteens with some of her friends from the library when the announcement about the Buster Call went out over the loud speaker. Ten warships under the command of Vice Admirals Onigumo, Strawberry, Doberman, Yamakaji and Momongo had been deployed from Mariejoie. All military and non-military personnel had now left the island. For a minute or so there was silence among the civilian staff then gradually, as tends to happen in such situations, people began to talk again. The general atmosphere slowly became more normal, if rather subdued. Certainly the Buster Call was a horrible thing, but nobody any of them knew would be affected by it. “All civilan and and non-civilian personnel” had left the island, after all.
Fujiko went back to work trying not to listen to the distant thud of guns that could now be heard. It seemed a very wasteful and dangerous way of executing seven criminals, but she supposed the government knew best. By tomorrow it would all be over, she supposed, the rebuilding could begin and life could start returning to normal.
She was absent-mindedly trying to remember the final line of a tanka poem she had read yesterday, when she turned a corner into the entrance hall and passed a small group of young officers talking anxiously together.
“…we don’t know the half of it,” one was saying.
“It’s a conspiracy if you ask me,” replied another, who looked barely old enough to have left school. “Why would Director Spandam do such a thing?”
“Such a waste,” their companion, who wore a lieutenant’s insignia, shook his head. “All of CP9 left on the island.”
Fujiko stopped walking suddenly. All of CP9..?
“See, that’s why I think it’s a conspiracy or something!” the youthful officer’s voice was little more than a whisper. “I mean, I know a Buster Call’s meant to be non-revokable and everything, but there’s no way in Hell anyone would set one on Enies Lobby when the government’s seven most powerful assassins are-”
Having noticed Fujiko’s presence, the first marine elbowed him. Such heresy should not be voiced in front of a civilian.
“Can we help you, Ma’am?” asked the Lieutenant, politely.
“You say CP9 are still on the island?” she asked, her fear overcoming her usual shyness.
“According to the preliminary reports,” the Lieutenant, who was really rather soft-hearted, saw her stricken expression and wished he could offer her some real consolation. “No one’s one hundred percent sure of the facts yet. The casualty lists will be out tomorrow morning.”
“Thank you,” she whispered, then turned abruptly and left the building.
“What was that all about?” wondered the first Marine.
“Didn’t you see the look on her face?” replied the Lieutenant. “I guess she’s one of their girlfriends. “
“Poor cow. There won’t be enough of them left to fill a matchbox.”
“I wonder which one though?” mused the younger officer. “She’s not ugly enough for Jyabura.”
His friend grinned. “Well she’s hardly Rob Lucci or Kaku’s type…”
“Now then, sailors!” barked the Lieutenant, as the two younger men fell about laughing. “That’s quite enough of that kind of talk! Time to go back on guard duty!”
As the three marines made their way back to the waterfront, a shell shocked Fujiko was walking in the opposite direction to the library. She was staying with her parents while she was on Mariejoie, and there was no way she could go back to work after this piece of news. Walking past her astounded mother without even seeing her, she went straight up to her bedroom, lay down on the tatami matting and burst into tears. Kumadori was dead. No one survived a Buster Call, everyone knew that. He was dead. She had never worked up the courage to tell him how she felt, and now she would never have the chance. 


EDIT: Link to next chapter


So... there you go. The mysterious librarian is revealed. CP9 are actually in the next bit.

By the way...

sasori_katana, I know I said you could come to Berlin and injure me if I didn't post this yesterday but please don't go to the trouble!! I've been doing a pretty good job of it myself these past few days, I fell down the steps at the station on Wednesday and yesterday I knocked over a candle in Jemal's cafe XD I shouldn't be allowed out on my own!



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Nov. 2nd, 2007 08:05 pm (UTC)
*flails like an epileptic squid*



You are awesome. And this is awesome. And the remark about Fujiko not being ugly enough for Jyabura made me cackle and I CANNOT WAIT FOR THE NEXT PART and I am not going to come to Berlin and injure you, don't worry. ♥
Nov. 3rd, 2007 10:42 am (UTC)
Awww, I remember reading that first paragraph and squee-ing madly over your characterisation of her. =3

"She's not ugly enough for Jyabura." - LOL. I am fighting the giggles over this at the moment. XD
Nov. 9th, 2007 04:24 pm (UTC)
This is SO GOOD! The writing is lovely, and the character is wonderful, human and shy and geeky and an exquisite contrast to the deadliness of CP9 working a few floors above her in the Tower of Justice. *rushes to next chapter*
Nov. 12th, 2007 11:20 am (UTC)
=D I'm so glad you like her! I adore her, I'm practically in love with her myself. I get so protective of my OCs that I find it hard to judge whether other people will like them as well, so it's really nice to see her so well received! ^_^
Nov. 9th, 2007 11:01 pm (UTC)
.. I definitely want to see more of this Kumadori story :D He's definitely one of my favorite characters in the series.

I also really like your OC. I'm grateful that she's not a Mary Sue, lol.

Can't wait to see more.
Nov. 12th, 2007 11:22 am (UTC)
Hey I thought it was about time Kumadori got some love too =D

Lol I was wondering when someone would mention the dreaded Mary Sue... Don't worry you will never see that from me!
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