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Spam #5

This was for the onepieceyaoi100 topic "Pet". It was the third drabble I posted in May. Yup. I was on a role in May.

The atmosphere was tense in the inner recesses of Enies Lobby. No one was speaking much; Kumadori had begun to enact a Noh skit based on the current, tragic, situation, but had been silenced by an uncharacteristically murderous glare from Kaku as he entered the room with an even more uncharacteristic slam of the door. Lucci was noticeable by his absence. Blueno and Jyabura, returning late from an intensive training session, took in Kumadori’s nervous expression, Kalifa’s exasperated one, and the seething, murderous rage emanating from Kaku, and turned immediately to Fukurou.
He unzipped one corner of his mouth and whispered: “Hattori got a girlfriend, chapapa.”
Ignoring the dangerous twitching of Jyabura’s mouth, Blueno said: “Lucci’s not happy about it?”
“She’s a feral pigeon. Lucci stopped Hattori seeing her, chapapa. But he sneaked out today to meet her, and Lucci caught him – we haven’t seen either of them since, but if Kaku’s this mad, Lucci must be-”
Fukurou was interrupted by a guffaw from Jyabura. “They’re birds not Romeo and-”
“Think it’s funny?” On closer inspection, Kaku’s expression was more desperation than anger. “I’m not laughing. Let me tell you something, for once, Fukurou; Hattori has been tearfully explaining all afternoon that this creature is, apparently, the love of his life. Lucci has caved, and let Hattori see her, on the condition that she be approved by his parents first.”
“Parents..?” inquired Blueno.
“Yes. Plural.” Even Jyabura didn’t dare laugh now. “Speaking of which,” Kaku looked at his watch. “I have to go.
“You know, when I joined CP9,” he remarked, to no one in particular. “I did not expect to spend my evenings having dinner with pigeons…” He straightened the tie he wore in honour of the occasion, and left.
No one spoke for a very long time.




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